Thursday, June 9, 2011

Workshop "Refugees are humans too"/ Rabotinica "Izbeglicite se isto lugje"

On 19th of June, Association PEL will held workshop on the topic of Migration, refugees and inclusion.

The aim of the workshop is to announce the international refugee say "20th June" and to raise the awareness about migration, refugees and discuss about different tools for inclusion of migrants and refugees.

The workshop is open for all young people interested to come and share their opinion about the topic or if they are willing to learn new things.

The workshop will be held on the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" - Skopje.

For more information and applying contact us.


Na 19ti Juni, Asocijacija NEL }e odr`i rabotilnica na tema: migracii, izbeglici i integracija.

Celta na rabotilnicata e da se najavi internacionalniot den na izbeglicite "20ti Juni" i da se podigne svesta za zna~eweto na migraciite, izbeglicite i da se diskutira za razli~ni alatki za integracija na migranti i izbeglici.

Rabotilnicata e otvorena za site zainteresirani mladi luge koi sakaat da dojdat i da go podelat svoeto mislewe za temata ili ako sakaat da nau~at novi raboti.

Rabotilnicata ke se odr`i na Filolo{ki fakultet "Bla`e Koneski" -

Za poveke informacii i aplikacija slobodno kontaktirajte ne.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conflicts? Not a chance! - Training Course on conflict management

This training course aims to provide youth workers with different tools for empowering young people both in European Union and Neighboring partner countries (SEE, EECA and Mediterranean) in order to take active role in settling conflicts and tensions between each other on local but also on international level, with particular aspect on young people affected by the frozen conflicts in SEE, EECA and Mediterranean region.

The training course deals with conflict and conflict management in general terms to provide basic education on roots of conflicts and conflict management strategies. A second major element of the training course with is the role that young people can take in conflict resolution and their function on local level.


- To study conflict transformation and resolution;

- To share our experience of conflict management;

- To stress importance of youth participation on conflict resolution and reconciliation;

- To promote Youth in Action programme;

- To promote networking among participants and create common strategy for future cooperation.

The training course will be held on 1-7 July 2011 in Strumica where 26 participants from Germany, Italy, Czech republic, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Israel, Georgia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia will take part.

The project is financed by European Commission through Youth in Action programme.

Youth Exchange "Ecological Reverse" 20-27 June 2011


The problem of pollution, garbage waste and global warming are nowadays more and more real. Macedonia faces this situation, but also all of the countries, no matter on which side of the globe they are. The moments for desperate search for solution are coming closer and closer. A lot of countries are trying to make a change but it is still on us the real people, the youngsters that need to start the change. We would like to gather the youngsters from Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia to discuss and understand better he topic and campaign for a change and ecological reverse.

The main idea behind the Youth Exchange is the promotion of harmonious life with the environment among young people coming from countries from different parts of Europe. Young people, gathered in Krusevo, located at the edge of the Forest, will spend 7 days exploring and exchanging ideas about the topics of sustainable development and environmental protection at the local level, promoting common international youth initiatives protecting the environment.


- To provide a platform for discussion on development and environmentally safe practices;
- Contribute to building youth awareness, understanding and commitment to sustainable practices;
- Promote active engagement in local communities in conservation of the environment and climate change initiatives;
- To provide time and space for participants to exchange their ideas on the environmental protection;
- To explore links between local environmental protection and their own cultures;
- To facilitate local campaigning aimed at life in harmony with the environment;
- To promote Youth in Action programme as a framework for local and international activities for environmental protection


Young people from Portugal (H2O), the Netherlands (SKW), United Kingdom (Asha foundation), Turkey (Genidea), Serbia (X/O youth club) and Macedonia (Association PEL) on age 18 to 25 and exception can be made for 7 participants to be on age from 15 to 17 years old.

Each partner organization will send 5 participants + 1 youth leader.

This project was funded by European Commission's Youth in Action programme via Action 3.1.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

TC "Gender in Multicultural Society"

Association for progress, education and lobbying - PEL has received the grant from the European Comission through the Youth in Action programme.
So in that order we are going to organize Training Course on gender issues. The training will take place in Stip, Macedonia from 29th February to 7th March 2008.

On the Training Course the following partners will take part:
1. MoE - UK
2. Cultural Triangle of prespas - Greece
3. Beyond barriers association - Albania
4. Centre for youth integration - Serbia
5. Association Builders of peace - B&H
6. Perigeo lazio - Italy
7. European youth co-operation center - Poland
8. Bolu youth group - Turkey
9. PEL - Macedonia